• We service North Shore Private Hospital & Westmead Private Hospital.
  • The photographer will visit you on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday morning.
  • We try to get to all the rooms but its best to ring or text 0418 2700 80 to make a booking so you don’t miss out.
  • It is easier if baby has been well fed before or in the first half of their sleep.
  • We have blankets, hats, headbands & bears but if you have your own you can use them to personalise the photos.
  • Newborns are best to be photographed in the first few days up to 2 weeks.  Its great & convenient to do while your still in hospital.
  • If you have missed out you can make a booking to come back into the hospital to do them in a spare room or the nursery.
  • I do some home visits depending on your location and my availability.  See Bubs/Kids/Fams for pricing.